Arts Council England funding for new outreach project

The Poetry Takeaway is delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant from Arts Council England to continue our valuable work during the current crisis.

In conjunction with our network of poets and writers we will be working nationally with carefully chosen partners from the health sector, the cultural community and the care sector creating a series of events and workshops. Our particular focus will be on on individuals and communities who for many reasons are isolated or separated from their loved ones and in many cases experiencing loneliness.

The Poetry Takeaway promotional video

Throughout this project we will be recording and writing personal poems for people of all ages and backgrounds within isolated communities, care homes, hospitals, sheltered housing, alongside vulnerable groups also putting strong emphasis on the staff who work long hours in challenging environments with the sole purpose of caring for those in need.

Whilst in many cases we are unable to carry out these activities face to face, we are determined wherever possible to communicate directly by telephone or via the internet to provide as much personal interaction as possible.

“The Poetry Takeaway project is a terrific innovation. This is an ingeniously creative way to take poetry to the people.”
Evening Standard

“Thank you so, so much. Genuinely the most beautiful, original, and personal thing I’ve ever had!”
Lincoln, 2019

“The Poetry Takeaway and its poetry casts a magical spell! We love it. Thanks, as ever, for the enthusiasm, knowledge, flexibility, and smooth running.”
Dunraven School

For more information, please contact Michael Bolger. His mobile number is 07974 726231 and his email address is You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Our official partners on this project are Arts in Care Homes and Arts Council England. We’ll publish a full comprehensive list of locations where the work will take place at the end of July 2020.

Arts Council England